What are the benefits of a coworking space?

What are the benefits of a coworking space?

As a freelancer, the common scenario is to start working at home. You’ve just quit your job, you’ve got a bit of money saved and you’ve arranged a bit of desk space in a corner of the house, or you clear a space on the dining table each day. At the beginning you get stuck in and put your head down and work trying to acquire new clients and working on contracts for existing clients.

As time goes on, the house starts to intrude on your work. DHL appears with a package. The washing machine stops and needs to be emptied. You think about the hundreds of jobs around the house that still need to be done.

Then the children come home from school. Your partner has questions for you that just can’t wait until the evening. Your flow is interrupted and it is hard to get back in the groove. You have a conference call with an important potential client and the dog starts barking or the children start screaming over an argument about who hit who first.

Finally you get to 6 pm and you’re now in the groove. I’ll just work one more hour you think. By the time you realize it, it is 11 pm and you’ve forgotten to eat dinner and you need to go to bed.

Worst of all you start to forget what it is like to talk to people. When the DHL man knocks on the door you talk to him for 20 minutes because it has been 3 days since you talked to an adult human being.

If that sounds like you life then you need to try coworking!

Coworking gives you a professional environment and a strict division between work and home. You know that when you arrive it is time for work, and when you leave it is time to down-tools. It gives us colleagues and importantly helps you to build potential new relationships and grow your professional network. Your cowork colleagues might not be new clients, but they might lead you to new ones. Likewise, your new colleagues might require the services of someone that you know. Over time, these relationship only help to foster a strong and healthy atmosphere for freelancers and small businesses.

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